Let’s get physical.

I like to think that, physically, I’m in good enough shape to hike the Colorado Trail. I ran (slowly) two marathons last year, one of them in Colorado’s Front Range. I also finished a few triathlons this spring. However, as I’m planning on backpacking across 8 mountain ranges while on the wrong side of 50, I thought it best to get a checkup first.

After initial pleasantries, the first thing the Dr said was, “Your neck looks big.”

“Thanks Doc,” I replied, “I have been working out. I’m thinking my shoulders and chest might be a little bigger too.”

Apparently what he meant was that my thyroid was enlarged. He said I should get an ultrasound right away as enlarged thyroids will turn cancerous on you. He asked if there was any family history of thyroid issues. I replied, “Not really. Other than my mom had her’s removed, and my dad’s mom actually died from her thyroid. Oh, and my brother is on thyroid medication. Other than that though, no history at all.”

“Get that ultrasound ASAP.”

“I’m all over it Doc.” (As soon as I get back from the hike.)

Later in the physical the Dr asked about my drinking habits. I responded truthfully; that I rarely drink a lot, but do have a beer or two nearly every day. Satisfied with that answer, he switched subjects to my prostate health as he pulled a glove on. “How often do you get up during the night to go to the bathroom?”

I replied, “Last time I didn’t have a drink before bed, I slept straight through till morning, no problem.”

“Well, in that case, no need to check; your prostate is fine,” he stated as he peeled the glove back off with a sigh of relief that nearly matched mine. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the last time I didn’t have a drink before bed, it was 1997.

So the bottom line is; looks like my health is assured. Let’s get ready to hike.

Ready to hike. Does my neck look weird?
Ready to hike. Does my neck look weird?