Colorado Trail Gear List – Part 2

Part One of my gear list described my tent, pack, etc, all the usual stuff. In addition, being a 21st Century kind of guy; I also brought a bit of electronics. This is also where I might have gone a tad overboard.

About 10% of my pack weight.
About 10% of my pack weight.

The Spot Satellite Messenger weighed 5oz. I used it on a daily basis to let friend(s) and family know where I was and that I was OK. Luckily I never had to try the other buttons that told them I was lost, had a shattered pelvis or lost a fight with a bear.

The Garmin Etrex 20 GPS weighs 5 oz and was extremely useful in keeping me headed in the right direction when the trail was covered with snow. Beyond that, it confirmed that I was still on the correct trail a couple times, but would not have been necessary had I been traveling after more of the snow had melted.

My IPhone weighed 6 oz, was used as a back up camera and allowed “texts and talk,” along with email and internet when I was in or near towns. The IPad Mini, at 14 oz, did everything the phone did, except phone calls, in a larger, easier to use size. In addition, the piece also provided reading material and served as a notepad to write down my thoughts at the end of the day.

My dedicated camera was a Canon SX 160 that weighed 10 oz.  While it took some great shots, the pictures from the IPhone look, in many instances, as good or better.

Of course with this much in the way of electronics, there has to be charging cords, cords to download photos from the camera to the IPad, extra batteries and a small solar charger. That “bag o’ stuff” tipped the scales at another 10 oz. In total, while I was “getting away from it all,” I carried over 3 lbs of gizmos. Right here is where you could save some serious weight compared to me